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The Corner Fireplace is a beautiful addition to your house. 
With the versatile of being able to be moved or placed any where of your liking.  The Corner Log Fireplace is wonderful, because it tucks into that unused corner of the house.

Introducing our new size to the family of fireplaces. The Tweener Wall Fireplace is a beautiful addition to your house. Yes its the size "between " small and large.

​44" Tall from top of mantel to bottom base
24" Depth from Wall to hearth bench
58" From hearth bottom base edge to edge
54" From mantel edge to edge  

Electric Insert measures 23" in width  (​click here) for more Insert Specs and Options 

If your needing other measurments, we do offer Custom Orders (click here)
Tweener Wall Fireplace
Yes its the size "between" small and large
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Stain Color: Cowboy
Stain Color: Shaker Pine
Stay tune to the addition of the up and coming
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