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Jim, Jeanette and Zoe
Minot Tradeshow 2010
Jim and Zoe
 Tradeshow 2012

I was born in Nebraska and moved to the Black Hills in the early 1980's. I have always been fascinated the the beauty of the Black Hills Pine.

I built my first Black Hills Log Fireplace in 2002 for my wife as she wanted the feel, beauty and warmth of a real fireplace but without the smoke, mess and hassle. From that first fireplace I built to today things have progressed into a great family business. By family business I mean my wife Jeanette which is our greatest quality control inspector, my daughter Annie which is our organizer and technical expert, my son Clinton ( CJ) and son-in-law Cory that have taken over most of the manufacturing and building of the Fireplaces though I still look over with my scrutiny and guidance. And last but not least my little grandbaby Zoe which is our Fireplace Showman and Model.  

We have placed hundreds of our Log Fireplaces in peoples home all over the United States and each one is built with care. Each Fireplace is one of a kind and built especially for our great customers. We take great pride in each and every Fireplace we build.

Our Story
Our Family

Cory, Annie, Nettie, CJ and Jim