Why Electric?
Realistic Resin Logs and Ember Bed

Remote Control your Heat Settings and Flame Effects

Why Electric
No firewood is needed to harness the heat of an electric fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces are messy and use firewood that is difficult to store inside the home. If you store your firewood outdoors, you need to retrieve it regardless of weather conditions and have a way to protect it from the elements. With an electric fireplace you no longer have to worry about having enough wood to last the season or having to purchase more, in-turn leaving more time to spend by your electric fireplace.
LED technology is incorporated into each of our fireplaces, and consumes less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. The normal lifespan of an LED bulb is up to 50,000 hours and contains no mercury, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs much less to operate. Producing approximately 90% less heat than an incandescent bulb, the LED bulb stays cool to the touch. 
Unlike gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not give off any smoke or fumes, which helps to maintain the air quality inside your home, thus keeping everyone healthier.
Our electric fireplaces feature an automatic shut-off timer function, allowing you to set the timer from 30 min up to 9 hours. You can set the timer and live worry free knowing that the entire unit will power off once the timed cycle is complete. The shutoff timer function reduces the risk of fires resulting from the overheating of electronics. Although electric fireplaces produce enough heat to warm a room 400 square feet and up, they remain cool to the touch, therefore reducing the risk of injuries and burns. 
With an electric fireplace, zone heating is easily utilized – allowing you to lower the over-all temperature of your home by 10 to 15 degrees, heating only the room you're in. This concept reduces the use of wasted energy and could save you up to 10% on energy bills. Gas and wood burning fireplaces actually work opposite of zone heating – creating a draft effect when lit that actually pulls heat out of the home.
With a built-in fireplace, unless you remodel it, it is difficult to change once installed – and because our Log Electric Fireplaces simply plug into a standard outlet you can move them from room to room. Even when not being used, our electric fireplaces provide a built-in look and feel to any room.
Electric fireplaces can also be operated with or without heat, leaving you able to enjoy the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long. 
Unlike gas and wood burning fireplaces,  Electric Fireplaces emit no Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane or formaldehyde, which means zero emissions - no indoor or outdoor pollution.
 Electric Fireplaces do not require the consumption of wood or fossil fuels to operate. 100% Energy Efficient. All of the electric input energy is converted to heat.
The LED's that are used to power the flame effect only use 11.2 watts of electric power and have a life span of over 75,000 hours, versus regular incandescent light bulbs that use 120 watts and have to be replaced every 2,000 hours or so. That's a difference in product life of about 8.5 years versus 83 days.
Our Electric Inserts Technology is 2 years ahead of the competition. They have a constant commitment to take our already energy efficient and environmentally friendly fireplaces to the next level.

    Optional Heat:
Our standard fireplace insert gives off 4,600 BTUs/hour of supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft

Infrared Fireplace Insert
Efficient - Infrared heaters are able to quickly warm rooms up to 
1,000 square feet
                 .**additional cost of upgrade

  • Efficient - By more even heat distribution, 
  • Infrared heaters are able to quickly warm rooms up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Durable - Six infrared quartz heating elements have a lifetime operation of over 20,000 hours
  • Requires no venting or gas lines
  • Flame effect can be operated with or without heat for 4 seasons of enjoyment
  • Plugs into any standard 120V 3-prong outlet
  • Clear glass front
  • Energy saving LED technology
  • On screen Function indicator
  • Lights up and then disappears after 5 seconds
  • Works from remote or manual controls
  • Digital thermostat with numerical readout
  • Flame Options:
  •     5 SpectraFire blue flame effect brightness settings
  •     Additional traditional flame effect option
  • Timer function with automatic shut off from 30 min. up to 9 hrs
           **Additional Cost of Insert Applies

Have all the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood burning fireplace without any of the hassles of one with the our  Electric Fireplace Inserts that we pride on having in our Log Fireplaces. With realistic resin logs and ember bed and traditional flame effect, this fireplace insert  becomes a lovely addition to our Log Fireplace surrounds, having the same visual effect as a real fire. Able to function with or without heat, you can enjoy this unit all four seasons, and when desired, this fireplace insert gives supplemental heat. Without having to worry about venting or gas hook ups, you can place your Log Fireplace anywhere in your home. An adjustable digital thermostat, numerical readout, and manual as well as multi-functional remote control operation let you change this fireplace insert to your specific needs.

Infrared Electric Insert
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